RSCDS Sheffield


Dances we did in our Monday classes:

2 July 2018 (last social before summer break)

Liquid Assets (Drewry, Stoneywood 2)
Kilkenny Castle (Forbes, Craigevar 2)
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan (Goldring, 14 Social Dances for 2000)
Gang the Same Gate (RSCDS Bk 36)
The Compleat Gardener (RSCDS 3rd Graded Bk)
The Belle of Bon Accord (Drewry, Deeside 2)
Scott Meikle (RSCDS Bk 46)
The Gentleman (RSCDS Bk 35)
Mairi's Wedding (Cosh, 22 SCDs)

25 June 2018 (social dancing)

Maxwell's Rant (RSCDS Book 18)
Neidpath Castle ( RSCDS Book 22)
Follow Me Home (RSCDS Book 38)
Cherrybank Gardens (Drewry, Bankhead Book 1)
The Castle of Mey (RSCDS Diamond Jubilee)
Cape Town Wedding (RSCDS Book 39)
Miss Allie Anderson (RSCDS Leaflet)
Davy Nick Nack (Glasgow Assembly)
Sands of Morar (RSCDS Book 45)
The Reel of The Royal Scots (RSCDS Leaflet)

18 June 2018 (social dancing)

Yan, Tan, Tethera (2nd Carnforth Book)
The Royal Wedding (RSCDS Leaflet)
The Falls of Rogie (Alexander Dances Book 1)
Sheffield Castle (Sheaf 3)
Lothian Lads (Drewry, Brodie Book)
The Byron Strathspey (Drewry, Deeside Book 2)
Mrs Stewart's Jig (RSCDS Book 35)

11 June 2018 (social dancing)

The Lass of Richmond Hill (RSCDS 2nd Graded Book)
The Wild Geese (RSCDS Book 24)
Monymusk (RSCDS Book 11)
Fisherman's Reel (Petyt, Dunblane Holiday)
Midsummer Common (RSCDS Book 49)
The Zoologist (RSCDS Book 46)
The Minister on the Loch (RSCDS Magazine Dances)
The Moray Rant (Drewry, Silver City)
The Highland Rambler (Leeds Silver Jubilee)

4 June 2018 (social dancing)

Hooper's Jig
Shiftin' Bobbins
The Winter Garden
The Hazel Tree
The Wind on Loch Fyne
The Rutland Reel
The Singing Sands
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan

21 May 2018

Ramadan-ce (Drewry, Turkish Set)
The Winter Garden (Sheaf 3)
Ferla Mor (Drewry, Deeside 1)
Isle of Arran Strathspey (Ormskirk)
Quarries' Jig (RSCDS Book 36)
The Minister on the Loch (Four for 2008)
Luke Brady's Magical Music ( Dundee 80th)
Granville Market (RSCDS 2nd Graded Book)
Athens of the North (Edinburgh 90th)

14 May 2018 (AGM night)

Fiona Paulin's Bairns (Dundee 80th Anniversary)
The Doo'cot (Sheaf 1)
The Kangaroo Paw (The Kangaroo Paw)
City of Belfast (Belfast Diamond Jubilee)
Shiftin' Bobbins (Ormskirk Scottish Dances)

30 April 2018

The Starry Eyed Lassie (RSCDS Book 23)
Jenny Freeman's Strathspey (Cane Toad Collection)
Macleod's Fancy (RSCDS Book 33)
The Bonnie White Rose (Drewry, Bon Accord)
Glastonbury Tor (RSCDS Book 47)
Sheffield Castle (Sheaf 3)
New Year Jig (RSCDS Book 51)
Holyrood Strathspey (RSCDS Book 51)

23 April 2018

The Two Gray Cats (The Other Kangaroo Paw)
Sheffield Castle (Sheaf 3)
The Bonnie White Rose (Drewry, Bon Accord)
Macleod's Fancy (RSCDS Book 33)
Jenny Freeman's Strathspey ( Cane Toad Collection)
Bill Clement MBE (RSCDS Book 47)
A Marriage Made in Dancing (Who's Who in Toronto)

16 April 2018

Fair Enough (RSCDS Book 51)
The Silver Strathspey ( RSCDS Book 44)
The Two Gray Cats (The Other Kangaroo Paw))
The Saltire Strathspey (RSCDS Book 45)
The Pines of Pitlochry (SCD Archives)
The Doo'cot (Sheaf 1)
Bohemian Reflections (RSCDS Book51)
Holyrood Strathspey (RSCDS Book 51)